Fire Cider

Fire Cider 1

When my BFF dropped off six perfect little empty bottles, I was inspired to utilize them as carriers for this season’s remedy gift for friends, neighbors and clients.  Since I had always wanted to try Fire Cider and had a month to go before the end of the year, I decided to make my first batch. I can now report from my own(…)

Non-gluten Bread 1

The fall season is upon us, and naturally I crave heavier richer foods. Especially carbohydrates. Toast with butter, to be specific. But, here’s the thing – I try to limit carbohydrates, especially breads. How I satisfy my craving for bread is by making non-gluten bread recipes, even though I am not gluten intolerant. Because they are(…)

Eat Greens, Now.

Eat Greens, Now. 0

Boom! Daylight savings arrives and like clockwork I’m out in the garden with a shovel, turning over our fall cover crop.  Even though we’ve had plenty of overwintering crops in the garden, the disconsolateness of frequent rain and ugly muck became a barrier for entering our backyard plot of late. Today, in our designated sugar(…)


Zumba! 0

Today’s daily cure was Zumba! Tomarra’s 50th birthday invitation read, Zumba, Bacon and Mimosas at the Rainier Beach Clubhouse.  She, a talented massage therapist, who moves the flesh, blood and lymph of her clients, would, of course, host an invigorating event. Recovering from a muscle spasm in my lower back, and having never tried Zumba,(…)

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling 4

When Delores, my utterly kind and professional dental hygienist, asks during my regular teeth cleaning appointments how often I’ve been flossing my teeth, I cannot lie.  It’s not that I’m incapable of lying, it’s that Delores is my across-the-street neighbor so she is privy to seeing debris stuck between my teeth on a regular basis. (…)

Seed Swap

Seed Swap 0

  It’s the little things, the things that come in small packages, which often give me the most joy. Today, Upper Rainier Beach residents, Iris and Dave, organized the first Seed Swap, an informal neighborhood event. Located in their dining room, it was perfectly little. As I browsed the table filled with thoughtfully categorized vegetable(…)

Laugh Medicine

Laugh Medicine 0

A few weeks ago, when I returned to work as an on-call interfaith chaplain at Harborview Medical Center, Tita, at the front information desk, exuberantly welcomed me back.  It had been three years since I last saw Tita yet her spirit shined as bright as ever. Some staff at Harborview practice medicine.  Tita is medicine.(…)

Switching It Up

Switching It Up 0

This weekend, I did the unimaginable:  I switched sides of the bed with my husband. Traditionally, I sleep on the right side of the bed, he, on the left.  Every two years or so, it becomes evident, when neck, shoulder or arm pain arises, we’re both ready to make the switch.   It’s baffling why my(…)

Scream Therapy

Scream Therapy 0

At KUBE 93fm’s Haunted House, we three not-so-brave souls, Margaret, Machelle and myself clung to each other as we made our way through the Georgetown Morgue, a wicked chamber of calculated terror.   When the first mutilated woman jumped out at me with no forewarning, I smacked her in the nose, which only made her rear up(…)

Borgenola Raw Breakfast Recipe

Borgenola Raw Breakfast Recipe 3

Borgenola, that’s the name of my new favorite raw breakfast.  It’s named after my trusted advisor, Danny Borgen, because it was his brainchild, but like all inventions with a good original formula, it evolved. Originally, Danny turned me on to his after workout snack/lunch, which was a combination of flax and pumpkin seeds.  As his(…)