On Making Sauerkraut 0

tumblr_mdrtfiZ9EZ1ra92m5I always have containers of bubbling fermenting vegetables around so I can get my live food hit all year. In my kitchen, you’ll see glass jars of cabbage, turnips and tomatoes, crocks of cucumbers and chickpea miso, and plastic buckets with rice sake, all breaking down into highly digestible delectables. Fermentation not only is an excellent way to preserve vegetables, it also increases nutritional content, removes toxins and generates enzymes in the process.  Eating fermented food introduces lactobacillus bacteria (probiotics) into your digestive system. When it comes to health and strong immunity, lactobacillus bacteria is your best friend-the one who will watch your gut.

I love dipping into these containers for a quick snack or for an already prepared tangy side dish, which is sure to brighten every meal.

If you always wanted to know how to make sauerkraut, here are instructions from my favorite fomenter of fermentation, Sandor Ellis Katz:


Here’s a video demonstration:


If you’re afraid of getting botulism:


Experiment. Befriend Bacteria. Don’t fear mold.