Borgenola Raw Breakfast Recipe 3

IMG_0842 Borgenola, that’s the name of my new favorite raw breakfast.  It’s named after my trusted advisor, Danny Borgen, because it was his brainchild, but like all inventions with a good original formula, it evolved.

Originally, Danny turned me on to his after workout snack/lunch, which was a combination of flax and pumpkin seeds.  As his nutritional trusted advisor, I subsequently recommended chia seeds to replace the flax and later hemp hearts. He, continuously fascinated by the science of food, added raw cacao nibs.

Finally, after all this talk about his combo, I tried it, liking it enough to incorporate it as a breakfast food myself.  To his Borgenola, I added raw sunflower seeds.  The gelatinous chia mixed with crunchy sunflower, pumpkin and cacao nibs offers tasty granola-like textures.  Because of the high amount of protein in chia and hemp, it satisfies, not to mention stabilizes blood sugar levels, but it is light, unlike oatmeal or other grain based morning cereals. Both chia and hemp seeds are also high in essential fatty acids, which give them anti-inflammatory properties. Hemp contains all the amino acids which build protein and aide in developing lean body mass and muscular repair, making it an ideal after workout food.  As for the other seeds, sunflower most notably offers vitamin E, selenium and folate while pumpkin offers magnesium, zinc and manganese.  Cacao nibs, besides its desirable chocolate taste, also offers a significant yield of  magnesium, manganese and copper. All with more nutritional merit than mentioned in this post, these superfood seeds united feel so right mixed together.  Check out the nutritional data for yourself.

Depending on the season, it can be eaten as a warm or cold meal. You can add fruit, jam or sweeteners, or not; chia, neutral in taste, harmonizes well with very little or no sweetener. It’s a clean, simple, high nutrient, non-allergenic, non-inflammatory, raw breakfast or snack that lends itself to infinite permutations.  Try it.


Borgenola Raw Breakfast Recipe

3 Tablespoons chia seed

1 cup water (hot or cold)

3 Tablespoons Hemp Hearts

1 Tablespoon raw pumpkins seeds

1 Tablespoon raw sunflower seeds

1 teaspoon raw cacao nibs


1 Tablespoon shredded coconut

Berries, pear or apple slices

1 tsp. maple syrup, agave or honey or fruit jam


Add 1 cup heated or cold water to chia seeds and stir.  Wait 15 minutes until gelatinous.  Stir again and add remaining ingredients.