Non-gluten Bread 1

IMG_1407The fall season is upon us, and naturally I crave heavier richer foods. Especially carbohydrates. Toast with butter, to be specific. But, here’s the thing – I try to limit carbohydrates, especially breads. How I satisfy my craving for bread is by making non-gluten bread recipes, even though I am not gluten intolerant. Because they are flourless and made of fermented grains, non-gluten breads offer more nutrients per calorie. If I’m going to eat bread, it has to satisfy my cravings and be worth its heft for my slower winter metabolism.

Here are two non-gluten bread recipes I found that are simple, flavorful, and most importantly, unfussy. They are infinitely amenable to variations. I always add hemp seed and more salt, especially on the top of the loaf.

This buckwheat bread is really simple, hearty and inexpensive:

This quinoa/millet bread, although more complex, has a sweet nutty flavor and when it is toasted the edges crisp up just right: