In 1996, Joyce Greenberg was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Although she had two re-occurrences after her initial diagnosis, she also has had three successful remissions using a combination of strategies, which include Yi Ren Qigong, surgery, raw food and natural medicine.

Because Lymphoma may never be cured, Joyce has come to define the word cure as any activity or experience, which engages, vitalizes, and catalyzes healing.  She has ceased looking for “the cure” and instead relies on many natural medicine remedies and activities, which includes engagement with her extraordinary community of friends and neighbors, as her sources for healing.

In this blog, Joyce shares her personal daily self-cures. Whether she’s massaging kale, fermenting sake, sweeping floors or foraging for wild mushrooms, she considers all experiences in life as potentially curative.  Follow this blog to track her ordinary, experimental, and highly aesthetic way of living as she seeks her daily self cures.

Joyce Greenberg is a health and wellness blogger, acupuncturist, urban farmer and spiritual care provider living in Seattle, WA. Contact her at acushack@yahoo.com