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Collage Cure

Collage Cure 1

I hadn’t made collage art in many moons, but when I saw a stack of LIFE Nature Library encyclopedias and a star chart on my neighbor’s curb, I snatched them up for the quiet weekend ahead.  Sorting through images and delving into non-verbalized waters was just the kind of immersion I needed. On Sunday morning,(…)

Rain, Rain, Rain 0

I can’t tell if it’s the geometry of the two domes or the element of water that so captivates me in this image.  But I can tell you that as the rain pours down on us in Seattle, my old man neighbor perfectly expresses today’s mood in this image.

My Best Framer 0

My best framer is my best friend, Anna Sher.  Since we were eighteen years old, I have relied on Anna’s discernment and emotional acuity to help define myself through the years.  Under her keen designer’s eye, I have become more refined, truer, and (not to mention) better dressed. Because my best friend, who lives just(…)

The Creativity Cure 0

On Thanksgiving day, I had the good fortune to go to the studio of friend and ceramic artist, Margaret Lawerence, and be the first to purchase a set of dishes from her new collection. Readers may know Margaret as Marge, my guide on raw food and colon cleansing, in my previous post from over a(…)

Music Cure

Music Cure 0

There’s nothing that cures rainy day blues except by having my neighborhood pal, Claudia, come over and play music while I make hot & sour miso soup.  She’s playing old Indian Bob’s 12 string guitar, a curmudgeonly Ventura, which rebels against staying tuned but she coaxes it into harmony with her beautiful voice .