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A Shot of Nettles

A Shot of Nettles 1

It’s that time of year.  Yep, time to get off coffee.  A half a cup a day was fine, desirable even, during the cold winter months but now that the days are lengthening and warming, the uprising Qi in the earth and in my own body, wants to burst out.  Sorta, but, not really.  I(…)

Tea Time

Tea Time 6

Yesterday, my friend and neighbor, Jackie, knocked on my door to drop off a little bag of Souchong tea.  The day before she sat at my kitchen counter drinking ginger green tea while we shared very wifey topics like roasted chicken recipes and kitchen remodeling ideas; she also listened to me make a vow to(…)

Welcome Aronia 0

Don, a neighbor and fellow urban gardener, dropped by the other day bearing gifts from his own garden, a pint of the most delicious honey from his beehive and an Aronia  (chokeberry) plant. Aronia seems like a fine addition to my outdoor pharmacy because it is disease and pest resistant.  And that’s exactly the quality I want in every(…)

Foraging For a Cure

Foraging For a Cure 0

Pacific Northwest’s Reishi – Ganaderma Orgonense In early November, when I tromped through an old growth forest on the Olympic Peninsula in search of wild chanterelle and hedgehog mushrooms, I was delighted when my companion and guide, Liz the Griz, pointed to polypore mushrooms sitting at the base of two hemlock trees. These four to(…)