Mountain Medicine

Mountain Medicine 4

Strong as a boulder, small as a pebble, that’s how I feel after returning from a twenty-day backpacking expedition on the John Muir Trail (JMT) in California.  My three trail companions and I hiked over 200 miles from Tuolumne meadows to Mt. Whitney, crossed seven mountain passes over 11,000 feet, and earned a total elevation(…)

Ritual Grief Shopping

Ritual Grief Shopping 0

May 30th was the 49th day after my mother’s death.   I, who still had the urge to do for my mother, followed the Buddhist grief ritual of reciting the Heart Sutra for 49 days after her death. It is believed that by reciting the Heart Sutra, one can help the mind/spirit of the departed by(…)

A Hole in the Fabric

A Hole in the Fabric 3

With my mother’s recent passing in April, I am aware of an empty feeling, a hole in the fabric of my being.  Yet, that hollow spot doesn’t feel empty as in lonely or depressing, it feels hallowed.  When I return to the moment during and after my mother left her body, a profound sense of(…)

Minding Myself, Minding Others

Minding Myself, Minding Others 2

Besides the Zen meditation retreat I attended last weekend, I also had two mindfulness experiences last week that reinforced the value of my training. In Janurary, I took a 6 session online webinar for facilitator training from the Prison Mindfulness Institute called, Path of Freedom, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence training for incarcerated youth and(…)

Working For The Cookie

Working For The Cookie 2

I’ve done some arduous things in my life; like memorizing all the points and meridians when I was in acupuncture school; like being a caregiver for my paralyzed mother for two years; like walking through the wilderness with a heavy backpack on, in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of terrains.  All these experiences(…)