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Mountain Medicine

Mountain Medicine 4

Strong as a boulder, small as a pebble, that’s how I feel after returning from a twenty-day backpacking expedition on the John Muir Trail (JMT) in California.  My three trail companions and I hiked over 200 miles from Tuolumne meadows to Mt. Whitney, crossed seven mountain passes over 11,000 feet, and earned a total elevation(…)

Nettle Chip Recipe

Nettle Chip Recipe 1

In my last post, I shared the benefits of using nettles for morning blended drinks and infusions.  I can attest that these drinks have successfully replaced for my morning coffee.  Because I collected more nettles than I could use in a week, I tried think of more ways to use them besides in soup, and(…)

A Shot of Nettles

A Shot of Nettles 1

It’s that time of year.  Yep, time to get off coffee.  A half a cup a day was fine, desirable even, during the cold winter months but now that the days are lengthening and warming, the uprising Qi in the earth and in my own body, wants to burst out.  Sorta, but, not really.  I(…)

Marge’s Lesson of the Day

Marge’s Lesson of the Day 0

It’s fifty-seven degrees in Seattle today; there is no doubt the axis of the earth is turning and spring is on schedule.  But I’m not.  Usually I feel happy, excited about the emergent buds and early flowers, but I’m noticing I feel retractive, not quite ready to bust out of winter mode.  Try as I(…)

Birthday Buddies 0

I don’t understand the grand cycles, but I had an inkling that the combo effect of the end of the Mayan calendar and the winter solstice landing on the same date (December 21st) was significant.  However, on that day, I felt no great shift except that something extraordinary did in fact happen: a shopping outing with(…)

Growing Together

Growing Together 0

Today’s cure was a walk in the arboretum with Elana during a calm spell in the current storm…no rain nor wind.  The four of us, two trees and two friends, felt kinship, harmonizing and slowly growing in the landscape together.

Rain, Rain, Rain 0

I can’t tell if it’s the geometry of the two domes or the element of water that so captivates me in this image.  But I can tell you that as the rain pours down on us in Seattle, my old man neighbor perfectly expresses today’s mood in this image.

Foraging For a Cure

Foraging For a Cure 0

Pacific Northwest’s Reishi – Ganaderma Orgonense In early November, when I tromped through an old growth forest on the Olympic Peninsula in search of wild chanterelle and hedgehog mushrooms, I was delighted when my companion and guide, Liz the Griz, pointed to polypore mushrooms sitting at the base of two hemlock trees. These four to(…)