Nettle Chip Recipe

Nettle Chip Recipe 1

In my last post, I shared the benefits of using nettles for morning blended drinks and infusions.  I can attest that these drinks have successfully replaced for my morning coffee.  Because I collected more nettles than I could use in a week, I tried think of more ways to use them besides in soup, and(…)

A Shot of Nettles

A Shot of Nettles 1

It’s that time of year.  Yep, time to get off coffee.  A half a cup a day was fine, desirable even, during the cold winter months but now that the days are lengthening and warming, the uprising Qi in the earth and in my own body, wants to burst out.  Sorta, but, not really.  I(…)

Egg On My Face

Egg On My Face 4

Although my client, Rhama, and I both agree that the secret to clear skin is good nutrition, especially raw fruits and vegetables, we, like women of all ages, are always on the hunt for an anti-aging facial treatment. Here is a recording of Rhama, who at 94 years old still has lovely, smooth skin. She(…)

Marge’s Lesson of the Day

Marge’s Lesson of the Day 0

It’s fifty-seven degrees in Seattle today; there is no doubt the axis of the earth is turning and spring is on schedule.  But I’m not.  Usually I feel happy, excited about the emergent buds and early flowers, but I’m noticing I feel retractive, not quite ready to bust out of winter mode.  Try as I(…)

Nukazuke (Rice Bran) Pickle Recipe

Nukazuke (Rice Bran) Pickle Recipe 3

There are some foods that are just too damn exciting, and not just to the palate.  Nukazuke, rice bran pickles, fall into the “I wish I would have done this sooner” category.  Not only are they crisp, their flavor is subtle, but with a complexity unique to each vegetable’s qualities. And, just as significant, the(…)

On Good Shoes

On Good Shoes 0

I love my shoes. Seventeen years ago, I ordered a pair of these custom made shoes at Michigan Women’s Music Festival, and have enjoyed both their durability and perpetually hip style all these years.  Currently, with these shoes and my black skinny jeans on, I fashion myself as one of the original albeit unrecognized Beatles.(…)

Garlic Soup Recipe

Garlic Soup Recipe 4

Getting on an airplane to visit my mother tomorrow night prompted me to begin preparing my body for the trip by making a pot of microbe killing garlic soup. I’ve had one too many upper respiratory infections after airplane flights so going on the defensive seemed like a reasonable preventative measure. Just thinking about all(…)

Minding Myself, Minding Others

Minding Myself, Minding Others 2

Besides the Zen meditation retreat I attended last weekend, I also had two mindfulness experiences last week that reinforced the value of my training. In Janurary, I took a 6 session online webinar for facilitator training from the Prison Mindfulness Institute called, Path of Freedom, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence training for incarcerated youth and(…)

Working For The Cookie

Working For The Cookie 2

I’ve done some arduous things in my life; like memorizing all the points and meridians when I was in acupuncture school; like being a caregiver for my paralyzed mother for two years; like walking through the wilderness with a heavy backpack on, in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of terrains.  All these experiences(…)

Miso Soup Recipe

Miso Soup Recipe 0

During the winter, chickpea miso soup is my comfort food.  It’s my Asian style version of chicken soup with its light, yellow, salty broth. Because miso is fermented, it delivers beneficial bacteria and enzymes, which aids in digestion, strengthens immunity and increases vitamins – B12, B2, K and E, amongst other benefits like cancer prevention.(…)