Tea Time

Tea Time 6

Yesterday, my friend and neighbor, Jackie, knocked on my door to drop off a little bag of Souchong tea.  The day before she sat at my kitchen counter drinking ginger green tea while we shared very wifey topics like roasted chicken recipes and kitchen remodeling ideas; she also listened to me make a vow to(…)

Doggie Daily Self-Cure

Doggie Daily Self-Cure 0

When Craig comes home from work, he opens the door, and before greeting me, he first gives attention to our beloved companion dog, Golda, who awaits him every day. After setting down his shoulder bag he puts on a rubber dog-grooming glove, and with all the care of a skilled masseuse he gives her a(…)

Massaged Raw Kale Salad Recipe

Massaged Raw Kale Salad Recipe 0

Yeah, it happened to me too at the end of the year-I couldn’t resist eating the homemade goodies that arrived in little cellophane gift bags tied with pretty ribbons.  Full disclosure: I could resist most cookies but not the homemade almond roca or the toffee.  So, as the New Year begins, I am sharing my(…)

Winter Garden Food Tour 1

  This morning seven of us women started at Parsley Farm, had a good look around at the winter crops, and then mosied over to Mary’s who is also utilizing every square inch of her yard to grow food.   Mary shared her folksy water storage idea using plastic bladders from wine boxes. We moved(…)

The Cleaning Cure 0

Have you ever had the experience of waiting for those precious few days when your partner will be away, and then finally you are alone? This morning Craig left to visit Indian Bob over the Christmas holiday so finally I had the solitude I’d been waiting for to start rewriting the first chapter of my memoir.(…)

Birthday Buddies 0

I don’t understand the grand cycles, but I had an inkling that the combo effect of the end of the Mayan calendar and the winter solstice landing on the same date (December 21st) was significant.  However, on that day, I felt no great shift except that something extraordinary did in fact happen: a shopping outing with(…)

Growing Together

Growing Together 0

Today’s cure was a walk in the arboretum with Elana during a calm spell in the current storm…no rain nor wind.  The four of us, two trees and two friends, felt kinship, harmonizing and slowly growing in the landscape together.

Rain, Rain, Rain 0

I can’t tell if it’s the geometry of the two domes or the element of water that so captivates me in this image.  But I can tell you that as the rain pours down on us in Seattle, my old man neighbor perfectly expresses today’s mood in this image.

A Real Gift 0

Maybe many of you struggle like I do when it comes around to finding a good gift for your mother on her birthday.  Maybe you feel that phantom umbilical cord twist into knots in your belly as the date gets nearer.  Finding a good gift for a woman who has historically said she needs nothing has always(…)

Double Happiness

Double Happiness 0

Amy and I have been meeting at Elliot Bay Book Company on Wednesdays from 10 am to 12 pm for over a year.  Each week while sipping Genmaicha tea, we critiqued a chapter from each other’s memoir until finally both of us completed our manuscripts in August.  Amy had a deadline of August 12th to complete her(…)