Rice Currency

Rice Currency 0

Southend Sake for sale this Saturday (Dec. 8th) at the Rainier Beach Community Club Holiday Bazaar located at VFW, 6038 S. Pilgrim Street, Seattle, 10a.m.-2p.m. A few years ago we came under the tutelage of sake master, Ten Ridlon.  Ten passed on all the technicalities and timing of adding the primary ingredients (water, rice, koji and(…)

Raw Sprouted Buckwheat Granola 0

When fall turns to winter, we all start looking for our sugar fixes.  We seem to have a physiologic insistence for heavier, denser food, specifically in the form of carbohydrates.  For Craig and I, that urge hit on December 1st.  For the most part, we eat the Paleolithic diet, which consists of raw foods, cooked(…)

My Best Framer 0

My best framer is my best friend, Anna Sher.  Since we were eighteen years old, I have relied on Anna’s discernment and emotional acuity to help define myself through the years.  Under her keen designer’s eye, I have become more refined, truer, and (not to mention) better dressed. Because my best friend, who lives just(…)

The Creativity Cure 0

On Thanksgiving day, I had the good fortune to go to the studio of friend and ceramic artist, Margaret Lawerence, and be the first to purchase a set of dishes from her new collection. Readers may know Margaret as Marge, my guide on raw food and colon cleansing, in my previous post from over a(…)

Welcome Aronia 0

Don, a neighbor and fellow urban gardener, dropped by the other day bearing gifts from his own garden, a pint of the most delicious honey from his beehive and an Aronia  (chokeberry) plant. Aronia seems like a fine addition to my outdoor pharmacy because it is disease and pest resistant.  And that’s exactly the quality I want in every(…)

Music Cure

Music Cure 0

There’s nothing that cures rainy day blues except by having my neighborhood pal, Claudia, come over and play music while I make hot & sour miso soup.  She’s playing old Indian Bob’s 12 string guitar, a curmudgeonly Ventura, which rebels against staying tuned but she coaxes it into harmony with her beautiful voice .

An F is Not a Zero 0

Hi, everyone, I’m Alexandra. Since my good friend Joyce is inviting health-minded people to participate in her blog, I will gladly take up the challenge. I am a big fan of Joyce and her garden and her positive, life-affirming spirit. AND her very original, wonderful self. Instead of talking about food today, I would like(…)

On Making Sauerkraut 0

I always have containers of bubbling fermenting vegetables around so I can get my live food hit all year. In my kitchen, you’ll see glass jars of cabbage, turnips and tomatoes, crocks of cucumbers and chickpea miso, and plastic buckets with rice sake, all breaking down into highly digestible delectables. Fermentation not only is an(…)

Crunchi Mungchi Sprout Salad Recipe

Crunchi Mungchi Sprout Salad Recipe 0

During the winter, I like to have light, raw foods available beyond the kale, turnips and root vegetables still in my garden. Sprouts contain vitamin A, C, B1 and B6, and are rich in minerals, protein and enzymes.  They are easy to digest, high in fiber but low in calories and cost so they are(…)

Killer Cure or Revenge of the Radish

Killer Cure or Revenge of the Radish 3

Here I am innocently scraping the outerlayer off the horseradish root I just dug out of the garden. I’m thinking about my next steps in making horseradish sauce where I will chop the root into small pieces and then, along with salt, add white vinegar, a little water, before mixing them up in the Cuisinart. (…)